Skin Regeneration without Injury

Qi Beauty

Qi beauty™ works with all skins – regardless of the extent of previous damage. Our technology actions quantum principles of energy and the mechanics of cellular processing, to support biologically programmed processes of skin tissues, skin kinetics, and dermal secretions.

Qi beauty™ key features

  • Corrects cell to cell communication

  • Regulates dermal secretions

  • Raises the energetic potential of skin

  • Works 1mm below the eye

  • Can be used on all skin types and presenting conditions

  • Non-injurious, non-invasive, no trauma to skin


Results that Speak for Themselves

Age Defy Matrix

 “Aging is energy loss, Qi beauty is energy renewal” – Kathy Pedersen. Benefits include Pro-health anti-aging, Stem cell regulation, Collagen and elastin integrity, Dispelling inflammation from skin tissues, Stratum Corneum health, Brighten, lighten and revive, Density restoration.

70 minutes

£150 per session 

Lymphatic Drainage Matrix

Balance metabolic skin function and quelling Inflammation causing ROS and accelerated aging. We tonify skin via lymphatic drainage channels reducing redness and imbalance of sebum qi. The rehabilitation treatment recalibrates skin releasing toxins and stagnation of fluids.

60 minutes

£120 per session

Eye Lift Matrix

An intensive Eye Lift Matrix  lifts, widens and brightens the eye area. Whilst sub dermal fluids are levitated to fill fine lines, microcirculation is improved improving the appearance of dark cirles while an advanced matrix is applied to the forehead to enhance the eye lift. 


60 minutes

£120 per session

Ultimate Face, Neck and Décolleté

When the Qi beauty treatments are combined it is the culmination of tissue regeneration in 3 areas. Re-densifiy tissue on the face, neck and décolletage, balancing yin yang for homeostasis within in the three areas true skin health and anti-aging.

75 minutes

£185 per session