The first step towards reaching your skin health goals, is a skin consultation, it’s where I get to know you and your skin a little better.

Your journey begins at home with a consult form emailed directly to you.

After being revised, the consultation flows through into the skin studio where an appointment time has been created for YOU, discussing all things skin while covering your individual concerns and expectations.

This consultation also entails a paramedical skin analysis, complimentary 3 month skin reviews.   

Recommended for ALL new clients, book a consult today and share your skin story.

What does a Observ520 Skin Assessment show?

Sebaceous Secretions

Sebaceous secretions (oil production) makes up part of the skins essential protective barrier. The quality of the oil can become excessive or thickened and lead to congestion.

UV Damage

The UV light scan of the skin will show any underlying UV damage. This may be damage from many years ago but will show on the surface in years to come, so it is best to address it early.


Vascular lesions and diffused redness will be highlighted allowing recognition of areas that may have an impaired barrier or rosacea.


Hydration Levels

Dehydration of the skin can show in texture by dehydration lines or TEWL leading to difussed redness or dullnes of the skin. 

Texture Irregularities

The cross polarised image with show all superficial texture irregularities including scarring, enlarged pores, fine lines and wrinkles. 

Cell Accumulation

Specs of flaky white cells will show if you have a build up of excess keratinisation. This will indicate that cells are not shedding as well as they should and more advanced removal techniques may be necessary. 

Consultation Options

Consultation Only

Face to Face or Virtually

Perfect if your wanting a little more knowledge on your skins condition and how treatments and home prescriptive can benefit you. Consultation form to be completed prior to treatment via email, on day appointment can then solely focus on paramedical skin analysis and discussing skin health solutions.

Redeemable on products or future treatments


Consultation and First Treatment

Ideal if you’re ready to begin your skin journey. Consultation form complete prior to treatment via email, on day appointment can then solely focus on paramedical skin analysis and discussing skin health solutions followed by your 1st Skin Specific facial.


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