Advanced Blemish Removal

Thread veins, Cherry Angiomas and Milia 

Telangiectasia, also known as red veins, thread veins and broken capillaries, are common in exposed and vulnerable areas such as the nose. These can be caused by trauma to the skin.  Treatment aims to restore the previous appearance of the skin. 

Cherry Angioma are small blood spots that are benign vascular blemishes. They can vary in size from small pin dots to as large as a penny; and in colour from bright red to darker tones.  Cherry angioma are not painful, but may bleed when scratched and can become distressing, particularly if they are in difficult to mask areas. 

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How does it work?

Diathermy techniques place can desiccate the tissue and cauterise blood

Following advanced diathermy treatment, you can expect to see a 60-80% improvement in the appearance of your thread veins depending on your age, health and lifestyle.

Price: from £60

Frequently Asked Questions

Electrolysis was first invented in 1875 and is proven both effective and totally safe. Advancing technology has meant electrolysis has become more gentle and comfortable, even more effective and remains an affordable, modern treatment increasingly popular today. Equally effective as a stand alone treatment, or as part of a programme of support for hair management systems such as IPL or laser, electrolysis will work for you.

When electrolysis is performed correctly by a skilled electrologist it is perfectly safe. On your first appointment you should be given a full consultation to discuss your medical history and any reasons the treatment can not be performed. Following your treatment the electrologist will go through the aftercare advice and apply a soothing aftercare gel. It’s essential you follow the advice to prevent any unwanted reaction.

Electrolysis can be a little uncomfortable for many people but others can fall asleep during treatment. During an electrolysis treatment a tiny sterile probe is introduced into the opening of the hair follicle or blemish. A small burst of energy is released and a sensation will be experienced like a tingle, heat or a minor sting. Everyone has their own individual pain threshold which can be affected by a number of factors:
1) Individual pain thresholds – this can be affected by health, stress, time of menstruation etc
2) Area to be treated
3) Strength and size of hair
4) Skin sensitivity
5) Type of current used
One thing that you can depend on is electrolysis works so any minor discomfort is well worth the results.

Immediately after an electrolysis treatment it is normal for the skin to be sensitised with a pink appearance. This reaction is temporary and should return to normal within 24 hours. If you are having an advanced cosmetic procedure your blemish is likely to take on a different appearance that will heal over time. Following your treatment an aftercare product will be applied to calm and soothe the area protecting it from an unwanted reaction. We strongly recommend you purchase aftercare products to continue the good work at home.

Electrolysis can only be performed on a healthy skin. If there is any evidence of a skin disease or disorder in the treatable area then treatment may not commence. Some conditions may prevent treatment until the skin has healed e.g. cold sores, eczema or active acne etc. Some conditions may prevent treatment such as vitiligo. During the consultation the area to be treated will be assessed and in some cases the electrologist may require written consent from your Doctor prior to treatment.